City Data Slam, run by creative producers at Carbon Arts, will bring together leading national and international data art practitioners over the last weekend of ISEA2013 to jam with Sydney’s sustainability data in Object Gallery’s new workshop space, designed by ARUP’s urban informatics group.

City Data Slam is a key component of the City of Sydney and Carbon Arts’ project Sensing Sydney: communicating sustainability through the arts, open data and public space. Sensing Sydney aims to bring historic and real-time data alive in ways that celebrate our collective efforts to address environmental challenges. The project explores different pathways for creative use of data and technology to engage the public in an active dialogue on environmental issues and citizen-engaged action, and culminates in a public art commission during Art & About in September 2013.

Data representation, an emerging new medium for artistic expression, has the potential to fundamentally challenge the way we view, and interact with, the world around us. Building on the Echology: Making Sense of Data project of ANAT and Carbon Arts, City Data Slam and Sensing Sydney challenge digital artists to work with real-time data to assist communities, businesses and organisations in reaching the City’s ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030′ vision. Outcomes of the Data Slam will be exhibited on the project website.

Limited places will be available for ISEA2013 participants to get involved in City Data Slam by joining invited artist-led teams which can be booked via the ISEA2013 registration site.

The Slam will close with a special event on Sunday, 16 June from 3-5pm; the results of the Slam will be showcased, followed by an announcement of Sensing Sydney’s winning public art commission. Drinks will be served.

Object Gallery is conveniently located near one of the three ISEA2013 hubs: the new UNSW College of Fine Arts campus in Paddington.

The Sensing Sydney project will also be commissioning a public artwork in 2013.  Applications are closing 20th May, see for details.

For more information contact: Jodi Newcombe, [email protected].


Participating Artists:

Usman Haque (UK)
Jon McCormack (Australia)
Andrea Polli (USA)
Natalie Jeremijenko (USA)
Mitchell Whitelaw (Australia)
Tega Brain (Australia)
Gavin Sade (Australia)
Javier Candeira (Australia)
Pierre Proske (Australia)
Mr Snow (Australia)
Zina Kaye (Australia)
D.V. Rogers (Australia)
Greg Moore (Australia)

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