In the Experimental Body Extension Manufacturing Unit (EBEMU) ideas about physical body extensions are explored, and prototypes of ‘Wearable Hybrid Body Augmentations’ partly made from discarded material sources are constructed. EBEMU is run by artists Gazzola & Granjon and is open every day during ISEA2013. Voluntary workers recruited from the local community and from the audience work in collaboration with the artists, contributing ideas for new products and taking part in their DIY construction and presentation.

EBEMU critiques the notions of body and machine in an increasingly technologically mediated society and is a thought-provoking, participatory and entertaining experience that opens up a wider debate regarding future technological human extensions, home manufacturing and their repercussions on humanity.

For more project information and examples of previous body extensions visit www.ebemu.com/.

Limited places are available for participants. No technical experience is needed. Please contact Paul Gazzola on [email protected] or telephone 0403959716 for more information.

If you are interested in participating or finding out more about the project, please join Paul Gazzola on Thursday, 16th May at 2pm for a presentation at the College of Fine Arts, Cnr Oxford Street & Greens Road, Paddington (F block, 2nd floor, room F205).

Gazzola and Granjon both maintain international interdisciplinary practices; Gazzola’s spans art, architecture, curation, performance, installation, scenographic design, video and theory, presenting his work in Australia and internationally, whilst Granjon works across robotics, film, installation and performance, giving original performance lectures demonstrating home-made robotic contraptions, accompanied by songs and illustrated reflections in order to comment on the current state of cybernetic technology.

Image: Aardvark – Third Person P.O.V. Headset
Concept and fabrication: Paul Gazzola, Paul Granjon and Christian Atkins
Performance shot
Photograph: Heidrun Löhr