ERIA Image

All ISEA2013 delegates are invited to the battery-powered studios of COFA UNSW’s Environmental Research Initiative for Art (ERIA), for a barbeque and ‘show-and-tell’ with artists from Australia’s first Solar Art exhibition, Desert Equinox (2012).

ERIA’s founding director Allan Giddy will demonstrate the systems in operation in the ERIA studios, whilst Desert Equinox artists will be on hand to discuss their recent experience of installing public artworks in Australia’s arid zone.

ERIA trials renewable energy with analogue and digital media technologies to create innovative models of public art that are environmentally sensitive and self-sustaining. Resultant installations and their transparent processes can be utilised in public art that accommodates ‘eco-logical’ practices in ways that regenerate physical environments, while also producing new and meaningful exchanges with their community of users.

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