Artists Talks


ISEA2013 is proud to present this series of artist panel talks at the MCA as part of our collaboration with Vivid Ideas. We have selected artists from the ISEA2013 and Vivid exhibition programs to come together on a range key thematic topics to discuss the role artists play in creatively investigating the possibilities and pushing the limits of new (and old) technologies. Join us to see how artworks help us to imaginatively experience and critically reflect on the role technologies are set to play in life, art, culture and communication in the 21st century.


Being in the City
Session 1: 10-11 am

This panel session shows how the work of artists can transform our experience of being in the city. The Deviator project by pvi collective invites participants to take over the streets of Darlinghurst and transform them into an anarchic playground. In a more contemplative mode, Jason Sweeney co-opts members of the public to help build a collaborative crowdsourced sound map of quiet spaces in the city. And in case you’re feeling peckish, the roving fleet of gerobaks (traditional Indonesian foodcarts) of Grobak Padi enliven Sydney streets, serving up food and multimedia art with a live link to Yogyakarta, Central Java.

Christopher Williams & Steve BerrickDeviator (pvi collective)

Jason Sweeney - Stereopublic (crowdsourcing the quiet)

Michael Hornblow - Grobak Padi

grobak Padi (Screen JPEGs)-18

Image: Grobak Padi, 2012


Mediating Nature, Technology & Culture
Session 2: 11am-12 noon

Join our panel of artists to explore novel interactions with natural and urban artifacts and environments.  Artist-guided walks take participants on a tour through the city activating hidden memories, histories and connections. Installation works create immersive environments, bringing audiences into contact with natural elements and technological artifacts.  A city laneway is transformed by a virtual projection that responds to audience interaction.

Nandita KumareLEmeNT: EaRTh

Yandell WaltonHuman Effect

Trudy LaneA Walk Through Deep Time


Image: Yandell Walton, Human Effect, 2012


Nostalgia of the New
Session 3: 12-1 pm

This panel session looks at the retrieval, revival and remediation of old technologies and media. In a world of pervasive digital technologies and media, there is a growing nostalgia and fascination with old technologies and media artifacts such as old photographs and analogue sound technologies. Everything old is new again as it is recuperated and given new meaning.

Lucas AbelaTemple of Din (Audio Arcade Project)

Kate Richards, Ross Gibson & Aaron SeymourUnhomely – Reynold’s Cottage

Tom EllardCatching Light

Image: Catching Light


Distributed Enablers in the New Grid
Session 4: 1-2 pm

What are the potentials of high-speed broadband networks for new forms of local/global communication, community engagement, and art practice? Join our panel of artists to hear about some thought-provoking new projects that explore creative ways in which broadband networks can be used to produce distributed artworks and enable novel ways for remote audiences to engage with each other.

Chair: Ricardo Peach – Creative Producer, The Portals

Andrew Burrell - Networked Selves: Imagined and Otherwise

Thea BaumannMetaverse Makeovers

Keith ArmstrongLong Time, No See?


Image: The Portals


Click, Touch, Connect
Session 5: 2-3 pm

Touch is the most intimate form of human interaction. The artists in this panel explore the intimacy of human touch as well as other interactive triggers for communication with robots, the generation of biofeedback systems, and interaction between a human performer and members of the public.

Mari VelonakiDiamandini   and The Woman and the Snowman

Eric SiuTouchy

George Khut & James BrownTheta Lab


Image: Keith Tsuji. Eric Siu, Touchy


Spaces and Architectures
Session 6: 3-4 pm

Join this panel session to hear how artists are working with architecture and technology to create novel spaces and experiences for audiences. Buildings come alive with digital projections that transform their facades. A  futuristic home is embedded with surveillant technologies that invade everyday domestic routines and interactions. A gallery space becomes home to a giant model freeway project, each modular piece created by a prototype 3D printer and placed by audience members on the directions of the artist.

M. Hank Hauser & Martin Tomitsch - Media Facade Exhibition 2013

Lian LokedisSentience: Design Lab ISEA2013 Satellite Program

Matthew Sleeth – The Generative Freeway Project

Generative Freeway

Image by Matthew Sleeth (courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery, New York)