SBH, credit alex davies

Golden Solution
Image: Alex Davies


Following on from Saturday night’s performance, Firstdraft Depot will host all the performers for a round of presentations and discussion. The artists will be in discussion with Sydney based writer and thinker Nick Keys, who will be exploring their practices, strategies, ideas and thoughts on technology.

Firstdraft, in association with ISEA2013, present this new edition of Firstdraft’s NIGHT DEPOT series. This work will focus on the notion of ‘advanced technology’ – after Sydney writer / thinker Nick Keys – and feature artists who build sound-making devices from readily available items in order to ‘advance’ their own artistic and musical goals – in a sense also ‘advancing’ towards a form of technological equilibrium.

Brisbane collective Golden Solution, in residency at The Depot in the lead-up to this event, will present new work developed on-site. Performing alongside Golden Solution, each with their own unique sound making apparatus, will be some of Australia’s most exciting practitioners in this area: Benjamin Kolaitis, Peter Blamey, Alex Cuffe and Pia van Gelder.

(Kolaitis, van Gelder and Michael Candy (of Golden Solution) are also participating in Campbelltown Arts Centre’s Catching Light project for ISEA2013.)

Curated by Tom Smith.