A combination of live installation and performance, Postgender Biomechatronics is an experiment in which participants can attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ their gender defaults through learning practical techniques. Participants will build and create post-gender biomechatronic prostheses using PWM motors, DIY noise circuits, recycled and low cost elements, organic and conductive components, latex sensors and mechanical devices. Emphasis will be given to physical interactions with devices, and creative ways to combine them. These interactions will be political reflections on biopolitics, body hacking and gender. Unexpected challenges, developments and outcomes will be welcomed and taken advantage of.


Workshop Description

Participants will learn to:

  • read schematic circuits

  • mount and solder

  • use basic electronics

  • set up small electronic engines, control DC and/or servo motors and PWM (pulse width modulation motors)

and will have the opportunity to:

  • share useful DIY projects and domestic applications that can be done easily alone post-workshop (eg. fan, automatic window, automatic elevator)

  • design a portable system of gears made of recycled materials to explore kinetics

  • learn about various prosthetic and FX makeup techniques

  • assemble prosthetic containers with circuits and kinetic systems


Participants will come out of the workshop with a little Frankenstein of motors, LEDs, circuits, jelly textures, and rare ideas that can being expanded upon by using their imagination.

Participants should bring:

  • (if possible) more soldering irons, screwdrivers and cutters, plus:

  • recycled materials: hardware waste, clothing, rags, papers, cardboard (cartons), sewing equipment, rubber tyres (bicycle wheels), whatever else they want to use


Mutanger is a high tension toxic laboratory. It’s a corporeal, electronic, mechanic, textile, sound and informatics experimental space. Waste becomes utile in constructing franskesteins. Mutanger is composed of four arms, four legs, two heads, four eyes and two tongues. Circuits and cables connecting the parts. Has multiple changing mutable genders. Understands its body as another code able to be modified and copied. Its professional deformity allows it to drag easily along the institutional sordid till the street driftness.