Transdisciplinary Transreal: Mixed and Augmented Reality Arts (MARart) Research Scoping Forum (panel)

This panel seeks to develop new dialogues in regards to high end research methodologies, cultural inquiry and representation in the increasingly immersive and pervasive field of MARart.

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ISEA2013 Artists’ Talks

We have selected artists from the ISEA2013 and Vivid exhibition programs to come together on a range of key thematic topics to discuss the role artists play in creatively investigating the possibilities and pushing the limits of new (and old) technologies.

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The Portals

The Portals is a curated media arts program of five telematic works linking the two cities of Darwin and Sydney, connecting the two communities in realtime through networked and interactive artworks which require high speed broadband.

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iuxta – Andrew Burrell

This mixed reality project evolves artificial life forms and a virtual audiovisual ecology based on participants’ geographic location.

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