Latin American Forum Presents #3:

Latin American Forum, Juan Jose Diaz Infante, Nahum Mantra, Delinda Collier, Re:imag(in)ing Indigenous media art histories, Esteban Garcia, Brenda Croft, r e a, Jenny Fraser, Andres Burbano

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Transdisciplinary Transreal: Mixed and Augmented Reality Arts (MARart) Research Scoping Forum (panel)

This panel seeks to develop new dialogues in regards to high end research methodologies, cultural inquiry and representation in the increasingly immersive and pervasive field of MARart.

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Mixed and Augmented Realities

Presenters: Hanna K. Schraffenberger, Ruth Aylett, Troy Innocent, Wim van Eck, Greg Garvey, Christian Clark, Tomás Laurenzo

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MEMEBRAIN Art Hackfest

Collaborators are invited to explore the participatory nature of technology and art. In a unique hothouse environment, creative teams will design, play and build prototype projects that challenge the ways we use art and digital media to affect cultural perceptions.

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