Large Urban Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere (roundtable)

Will discuss the ‘Large Screens and Transitional Spheres’ project, which tests the use of large video screens as a communication platform for an experimental transnational public sphere linking major public screens located in Melbourne, Seoul and Perth.

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Political Resistance

Presenters: Glenn D’Cruz, Dirk de Bruyn, Aralan Londono, Zoe Scrogings, Dale Kongmont, Pip Shea, Leah Barclay, Jehan Kanga & Shakthi Sivanathan, Amin Ansari

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Latin American Forum Presents #1:

Latin American Forum, Cybernetics Conversation and Interactive Art, Stephen Jones, Alternative History of Computer Music, Paul Doornbusch, Ricardo Dal Farra, Andres Cabrera, Andres Burbano

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Artspace Visual Arts Centre

This is Video – Guest Curator: Stephen Jones. The result of extensive archival research and remastering of key historical material, this project revisits the 1981 exhibition Video Art from Australia presented in Venice and subsequently toured through Australia.

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