Holoshop: Drawing and Perceiving in Depth Forum

In this forum, chaired by ISEA2013 Keynote Professor Brian Rogers, investigators and researchers of the Holoshop project will discuss the development and perceptual effects of Holoshop.

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Perception, Art and Illusion – Brian Rogers

Professor Brian Rogers is a Professor of Experimental Psychology, and Fellow and Tutor in Psychology, at Pembroke College, University of Oxford.

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ISEA2013 | Second Program Release

Images – Ear on Arm, Stelarc (Photographer- Nina Sellars); Deviator, pvi collective; Touchy, Eric Siu (Image credit:  Keith Tsuji)   ISEA2013 Sydney is the world’s opportunity to peek in to the future of art, technology and science – from human cameras to Blade Runner scale Media Facades... Read More