The Sustainability of Future Bodies (roundtable)

Brings together artists working with digital technologies in movement and dance, to discuss ways in which electronic art can extend the physical body through choreography and performance.

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Political Resistance

Presenters: Glenn D’Cruz, Dirk de Bruyn, Aralan Londono, Zoe Scrogings, Dale Kongmont, Pip Shea, Leah Barclay, Jehan Kanga & Shakthi Sivanathan, Amin Ansari

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Mixed Reality Transformations: shifting relationships between movement, embodiment, somatics and image (panel)

This panel will discuss the shifting relationships between movement, embodiment, somatics and image made possible by a series of artistic projects that use technologies such as motion capture, movement data visualisation, 3D stereographic projection and remote motion capture interaction.

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Latin American Forum Presents #2:

Latin American Forum, Yto Aranda, Pamela Figueroa, Brisa MP, Isabel Cristina Restrepo, Gabriel Zea, Alejandro Araque, Lea Rekow, Andres Burbano

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The Portals

The Portals is a curated media arts program of five telematic works linking the two cities of Darwin and Sydney, connecting the two communities in realtime through networked and interactive artworks which require high speed broadband.

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The Sustainability of Future Bodies – Critical Path

Exchange between new media technologies and choreographic practices establishes an innovative set of active inter-relational actions, and thus new relationships between body, agency and embodiment in performance.

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