Political Resistance

Presenters: Glenn D’Cruz, Dirk de Bruyn, Aralan Londono, Zoe Scrogings, Dale Kongmont, Pip Shea, Leah Barclay, Jehan Kanga & Shakthi Sivanathan, Amin Ansari

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Digital Pedagogies

Presenters: Catherine Fargher, Dani Weissner, Zina Kaye, Grant Stevens, Brad Tober

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Creativity and Participatory Urbanism in China (panel)

This session focuses on the emergent creative economy in China and the potential for big data to leverage and curate social intelligence through participatory data visualisation.

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Beyond 3D, Immersive Visualisation and Applications in the Arts

Held at UNSW’s iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, this workshop will give participants experience of, and insight into, state-of-the-art immersive visualisation applications and technologies, including iCinema’s AVIE …

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MEMEBRAIN Art Hackfest

Collaborators are invited to explore the participatory nature of technology and art. In a unique hothouse environment, creative teams will design, play and build prototype projects that challenge the ways we use art and digital media to affect cultural perceptions.

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