The history of things to come (panel)

Catching Light aims to draw on conversation, participation and interaction as the means of informing us, the audience, as to how we communicate and respond to art.

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Bio Art Session 2

Presenters: Tarsh Bates, Joanna Hoffman, Kuai Shen Auson, Morten Søndergaard, Rebecca Cunningham, George poonkhim Khut, James Brown

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Latin American Forum Presents #3:

Latin American Forum, Juan Jose Diaz Infante, Nahum Mantra, Delinda Collier, Re:imag(in)ing Indigenous media art histories, Esteban Garcia, Brenda Croft, r e a, Jenny Fraser, Andres Burbano

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ARTIVIS DiY Forest Surveillance Kit

What if, instead of resisting the use of surveillance technology, we could harness it for the public good?

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Postgender Biomechatronic Workshop

A combination of live installation and performance, Postgender Biomechatronics is an experiment in which participants can attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ their gender defaults through learning practical techniques.

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