SITEWORKS – an annual interdisciplinary research and practice event in the Australian bush (roundtable)

A roundtable of national and international participants who have delivered artworks, installations, performances, papers and discussion at the SITEWORKS conversation at Bundanon, 1100 hectares of pristine bushland two hours south of Sydney.

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Latin American Forum Presents #3:

Latin American Forum, Juan Jose Diaz Infante, Nahum Mantra, Delinda Collier, Re:imag(in)ing Indigenous media art histories, Esteban Garcia, Brenda Croft, r e a, Jenny Fraser, Andres Burbano

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Ecology, Cybernetics and Open Systems in Art and Technology (panel)

This panel examines specific moments in which theories of complex systems, cybernetics, and chaos have contributed to the conceptualization and production of works of media art.

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