New Media Performance

Presenters: Sue Hawksley, Garth Paine, Simon Biggs, Gorkem Acaroglu, Alison Gazzard, A. Baki Kocaballi, Petra Gemeinboeck, Lian Loke

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Materialities and Networks

Gabriella Arrigoni, Linda Candy, Frances Joseph, Nina Wenhart, Mark Cypher, Brian Evans

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Robots and Robotics

Presenters: Wade Marynowsky, Paul Granjon, Toby Gifford, Andrew Brown, Elizabeth Demaray

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Art & Science

Presenters: Patricia Adams, Andrew Newman, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Morten S√łndergaard, Jamie Allen, Elizabeth Eastland, Deborah Lawler-Dormer

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Im-position: a minor politics for interactive art (panel)

This panel will discuss both the philosophical and political imperative of shifts in thinking about interactivity, as well as speculate on techniques that might be employed within new media to create radical engagements.

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Mixed Reality Transformations: shifting relationships between movement, embodiment, somatics and image (panel)

This panel will discuss the shifting relationships between movement, embodiment, somatics and image made possible by a series of artistic projects that use technologies such as motion capture, movement data visualisation, 3D stereographic projection and remote motion capture interaction.

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