The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts Revived? (panel)

This panel consists of representants of organisations that are active in the field of the electronic arts who will discuss the original aim of ISEA.

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Latin American Forum Presents #1:

Latin American Forum, Cybernetics Conversation and Interactive Art, Stephen Jones, Alternative History of Computer Music, Paul Doornbusch, Ricardo Dal Farra, Andres Cabrera, Andres Burbano

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Latin American Forum Presents #2:

Latin American Forum, Yto Aranda, Pamela Figueroa, Brisa MP, Isabel Cristina Restrepo, Gabriel Zea, Alejandro Araque, Lea Rekow, Andres Burbano

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Media Art, Mediation and Contemporary Art (panel)

Rather than media art struggling to establish its proper place within contemporary art, the focus of this panel is upon considering contemporary art through the lens of media art.

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Assimilate This… Science Fiction and Media Art (panel)

This panel explores the fertile ground between science fiction and media art. It traces historical and theoretical connections and investigates the benefits of a synthesis of scholarship in media art and science fiction.

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