SITEWORKS – an annual interdisciplinary research and practice event in the Australian bush (roundtable)

A roundtable of national and international participants who have delivered artworks, installations, performances, papers and discussion at the SITEWORKS conversation at Bundanon, 1100 hectares of pristine bushland two hours south of Sydney.

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Six sound-based performance works presented by ISEA2013 and the ABC

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SurSouth: Is Convergence Inevitable?

SurSouth envisions the development, design and implementation of new strategies for collaboration within a decentralised, international network of digital culture.

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EBEMU – Experimental Body Extension Manufacturing Unit

In the Experimental Body Extension Manufacturing Unit (EBEMU) ideas about physical body extensions are explored, and prototypes of ‘Wearable Hybrid Body Augmentations’ partly made from discarded material sources are constructed.

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