Data Visualisation

Presenters: Tega Brain, Tom Schofield, Ann Finegan, Brian House, Sarah Waterson, Drew Hemment

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Creator Sessions

Presenters: Suzon Fuks, James Cunningham, Ian Winters, Judith Doyle, Fei Jun, Wynnie Chung, Emily Ip, Thecla Schiphorst, Megan Heyward, Michael Finucan, Stahl Stenslie

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Locative Media and Mapping

Presenters: Alison Gazzard, Michaela French, Dan Collins, David Tafler, Andreia Oliveira, Conor McGarrigle, Paula Dawson

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MEMEBRAIN Art Hackfest

Collaborators are invited to explore the participatory nature of technology and art. In a unique hothouse environment, creative teams will design, play and build prototype projects that challenge the ways we use art and digital media to affect cultural perceptions.

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