Memories, Archives and Museums

Presenters: Alexandra Gillespie, Jihoon Kim, Peter Ride, Somaya Langley, Trevor Carter & Matthew Davies, Meg Travers

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New Media Performance

Presenters: Sue Hawksley, Garth Paine, Simon Biggs, Gorkem Acaroglu, Alison Gazzard, A. Baki Kocaballi, Petra Gemeinboeck, Lian Loke

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Exquisite, Apart: Remoteness and Resistance (panel)

This panel session will address the theoretical, practical, philosophical and rhetorical implications of remoteness or (exquisite) apartness as locus of resistance

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SoundLabyrinth & Action A/V – Mark Pedersen & Roger Alsop

The work uses ambisonic sound and immersive video projection, set within a 6m diameter geodesic dome. Utilising the immersive audio/visual infrastructure of SoundLabyrinth, Action A/V consists of three art objects, MOTION, SPEECH and VISION.

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