Future Nature, Future Culture [s]: Reflections on Balance-Unbalance (panel)

Reflects on key outcomes since the inception of Balance-Unbalance, an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society , and introduces the core ideas from the 2013 conference.

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Diagrams, Formulae and Models: Aesthetic and Scientific Strategies of Visualisation (panel)

The panel session will explore the concept of the diagram, and other scientific forms of representation and visualisation, analysing their relationship in the context of visual connections between art and science.

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Sensation, Meaning and Affect in the work of art / science / technology collaborations (panel)

This panel includes four artists working on a diverse range interdisciplinary collaborative projects and who address sensation, meaning and affect in their work.

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Six sound-based performance works presented by ISEA2013 and the ABC

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Synapse: a Selection

This exhibition provides a snapshot of the diverse and fascinating research that participating artists and scientists have pursued over the past five years.

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