Is Starlight A Wifi Signal? – The Portals (LIVE)

Talking through the stars … Is Starlight a Wifi Signal? is a meditation in which the artists question what it means to be human through a poetic account of how we automatically engage with ubiquitous transmissions …

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The Portals – Artists’ Talk

This artists’ talk, part of The Portals project and chaired by Dr Kathy Cleland, Co-Chair of ISEA2013, will explore the cultural possibilities that could emerge as high speed networks are rolled out across Australia, and help us find ways to insert culture and diversity into the heart of the new infrastructure.

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ISEA2013 Artists’ Talks

We have selected artists from the ISEA2013 and Vivid exhibition programs to come together on a range of key thematic topics to discuss the role artists play in creatively investigating the possibilities and pushing the limits of new (and old) technologies.

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