Tracking the Boom: Think Tanks, Mouse Hacks and more in the United Arab Emirates (panel)

A panel that will discuss the opportunities associated with ISEA2014, which is taking place in Dubai.

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Large Urban Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere (roundtable)

Will discuss the ‘Large Screens and Transitional Spheres’ project, which tests the use of large video screens as a communication platform for an experimental transnational public sphere linking major public screens located in Melbourne, Seoul and Perth.

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Spaces and Ecologies

Presenters: Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier, Nancy Diniz & Bennedict Anderson, Rewa Wright, Vicki Sowry, Jodi Newcombe, Nigel Jamieson, Andrea Polli, Robbert De Goede, Andrew Goodman

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Deviator – pvi collective

Prepare for citywide disruption as Australia’s notorious tactical media art group pvi collective takes over the streets of Darlinghurst.

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