Technology, expression & wellbeing

Presenters: Scott Brown, Leah Heiss, Gail Kenning, Hanna Wirman, Kristine Diekman, Semi Ryu

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Im-position: a minor politics for interactive art (panel)

This panel will discuss both the philosophical and political imperative of shifts in thinking about interactivity, as well as speculate on techniques that might be employed within new media to create radical engagements.

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Holoshop: Drawing and Perceiving in Depth Forum

In this forum, chaired by ISEA2013 Keynote Professor Brian Rogers, investigators and researchers of the Holoshop project will discuss the development and perceptual effects of Holoshop.

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The Very Near Future – Alex Davies

Walk into Alex Davies’ installation and you will find yourself wondering what is real or virtual, fact or fiction?

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