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Peter Callas, I Would Have Run But I Had A Heavy Cold, 1980 (film still)


This is Video

Guest Curator: Stephen Jones

Featuring work by: Pam Brown, Warren Burt, Peter Callas, David Chesworth, Malcolm Ellis, Mick Glasheen, Miles Green, Marr Grounds, Stephen Jones, Peter Kennedy, Eva Krczag, Gilly Leahy, Bob Pollock, David Perry, Paul Pholeros, Jill Scott, Bush Video, Bruce Tolley

The result of extensive archival research and remastering of key historical material, this project revisits the 1981 exhibition Video Art from Australia, presented in Venice and subsequently toured through Australia (before disappearing in transit). Works from the original exhibition have been supplemented by some key additions, creating a unique insight into early video practice in Australia.

Stephen Jones is an Australian video artist, curator and electronic engineer. He is the author of Synthetics: Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, 1956 – 1975 (Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press).