Day 1, Stream 4


Creation, Collaboration and Consumption


Ian McArthur


Xiao Yingying: The Institute of Cultural Industries, The Communication University of China, Beijing, China

Jiang Duo: The Institute of Cultural Industries, The Communication University of China, Beijing, China

Lei Yang: The China Museum of Digital Art (CMoDA), Beijing, China

Ian McArthur: College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Australia

Brad Miller: College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Australia



This session focuses on the emergent creative economy in China and the potential for big data to leverage and curate social intelligence through participatory data visualisation.

Chuangyi jingji” (the creative economy) is now seen in China as a key economic force driving the shift from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’. Supported by research and policy reform, China’s creative and cultural industries have seen explosive growth in recent years, and this rapid expansion is anticipated in government circles to have an unprecedented and far-reaching influence on the future of the country. Researchers from The Institute of Cultural Industries based at The Communication University of China (CUC) present new data, phenomenon analysis and case studies on the proliferation of art parks and creative clusters in China, and discuss the emergence of new digital media, including micro-film and video websites, and microblogs such as Weibo.


We live in an era of unprecedented urbanisation of which China is an extreme example. Saturated in digital air, cities cluster around resources representing various interests and agendas creating inevitably complex systems. Big data, the mobile internet, social media and the Internet of Things (IOT) generate more information than ever, but the aggregation of social intelligence remains far from realising its potential. The annual GeoCity Smart City exhibition and symposium by China Museum of Digital Art, Beijing is a platform for collaborative research and innovation in media, art, technology and science. It explores synchronised curation of information design in urban contexts, using big data to unveil new possibilities for channelling and motivating fragmented interests into strands of positive energy and driving force.



Xiao YingYing is an Assistant Professor at the Culture Development Institute (CDI) at the Communication University of China, Beijing. Xiao’s research interests and focus investigates the rapid development of China’s Cultural and creative Industry in particular the burgeoning Chinese television and film culture. She is also Deputy Director of the International Relations Office at CDI and in this role has been instrumental in furthering the links between CUC and UNSW that have led to the formation of this pane presentation at ISEA.

Jiang Duo is an Assistant Professor at the Culture Development Institute (CDI) in Beijing and Executive Editor-in-Chief of “China Cultural Industries Yearbook”, an annual publication that gathers and publishes data documenting the progress and achievements in growth of the cultural and creative industries across all the regions of China where this is occuring. Jiang’s research focus is centred on investigating how the cultural and creative industries might best be fostered in China’s cultural and economic environment. She is a Doctoral Candidate in Media Economics at CUC.

Lei Yang lives in Beijing and is one of the most connected people in China’s dynamic interactive, digital and visual arts scenes. YANG Lei is Curator and Deputy Director at CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts); Founder of NOTCH Festival (2006) of live media and social innovation; Former Cultural Adviser to the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing; Founder of Radio Take10, a collective internet radio promoting net label culture and demo scene around the world. Yang Lei is active in exploring digital engagement to transform the social fabric and life in China.

Brad Miller is an Artist and Senior Design Academic at University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts; he lives and works in Sydney. With his installations, augment_me, data_shadows and mediated_moments Miller worked with personal photographic memories and associations. During 2011 Miller worked in Shanghai with the multi-disciplinary Design Studio/LAB Rare Earth, was in-residence at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Miller exhibited installations, plasma_flow and mediated_moments in GeoCity SmartCity: An Exhibition of International Information Design at CMoDA Beijing during Beijing Design Week.

Ian McArthur is a hybrid practitioner and a design academic at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Sydney. In 2001-2003 Ian was Program Director of Graphic Design at La Salle DHU (Donghua University, Shanghai) where he initiated The Collabor8 Project (C8) an ongoing research platform that fosters creative collaboration between China and Australia. His recent work with Brad Miller (2011 – 2012) utilises granular and generative synthesis, mobile technologies, open source platforms and protocols to create experimental sonifications for responsive media environments that have been exhibited in Australia and China.