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Image credit: i-500 Screen capture Christopher Malcolm, Mike Phillips and Paul Thomas.

Welcome by:
Sue Gollifer, director, ISEA
Ross Harley, co-chair ISEA2013

Introductions by Paul Thomas and Nina Czegledy

A workshop presented by ISEA2013 with Leonardo Education & Arts Forum (LEAF) in collaboration with ISEA2013 Education Workshop and in partnership with the MCA and the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at COFA, UNSW.

What is the role of art education in an age of ecological crisis and the globalisation of knowledge? This workshop positions transdisciplinary approach as the key to sustainable, meaningful solutions. It will address the development of an art and science cloud curriculum, based on cross-disciplinary initiatives in North America and Europe in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and Science, Engineering Art and Design education (SEAD).

About Leonardo Education & Arts Forum (LEAF)

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) promotes the advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology.

About ISEA Education Workshop series

Since 2008 the ISEA Education workshop series have been co-organized
 by Nina Czegledy in collaboration with international and regional
partners at each annual  ISEA symposium.


Workshop Structure:

1. Presentation by workshop leaders and theme moderators – 1 hour

2. Breakout discussions – 3 groups – 1 hour

  • The role of the art institution in developing sustainable cloud curriculum that address the STEAM/SEAD vision (globalisation of education).
  • The shift needed to take place in art education in order to explore the new realities of evolving reorganisation of practice, research and knowledge.
  • Current thinking on the role of education in the age of ecological crisis, and sustainability of art and science’s mobilisation of collective group learning methodologies.

3. Summary of groups and general discussion – 1 hour


Workshop Leaders:

Nina Czegledy
Paul Thomas

Theme Moderators:

Jane Prophet
Jamie Allen
Mike Phillips
Andrea Polli
Ian Clothier
Joanna Hoffmann



LEAF, a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST