Discover the potential of live music sharing over global networks with acoustic or electronic instruments. This workshop will demonstrate and explore the potential of the most recent developments in interactive network music performance practice. As network events are no longer contingent on geographical location nor language as the only method of communication, new and unique forms of artistic practices emerge and can be shared almost instantaneously over long distances to convey human expression and foster new realms of interactive creativity, extending the boundaries of conventional performance and creative practice in a society highly dependent on communication and network technology. This extended environment for interactivity drastically changes the dynamics for collaborative artistic processes around the world.

This new, flexible setting for improvisation and interactivity generates musical processes and structures that are no longer governed by conventional and theoretical frameworks to expand artistic boundaries. Network enabled performances and improvisations create different perceptual correspondences between abstract concepts and performance settings, which in turn lead to new forms of cross-disciplinary collaborations involving music as a primary vehicle of expression.

The goal of this network music performance presentation/workshop is to demonstrate how creativity and technology can diversify the local knowledge space to create a global opportunity to integrate, adopt and preserve cultural identifiers in an environment facilitating the exchange of cultural items, such as music and other forms of artistic expression. / / / /


Workshop Description:

The 90 minute workshop will include a series of live collaborative sessions of 10-15 minutes each, in which participants perform and interact with other musicians located in two or three other geographical locations. The musicians will read a graphic visual score projected on a screen visible to both participants and audience.

Participants:  electronic music practitioners, music students (undergrad/ postgrad), sound design and other professionals in the field of sound and music; entry-level participants are also welcome.

Participants must bring acoustic instrument and/or electronic music system such as laptop.


Workshop Presenter:

Ivan Zavada is a senior lecturer in composition and music technology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His research focus is on the interactive relationship between image and sound within the realm of electroacoustic music. Zavada creates innovative multi-sensorial events that incorporate sophisticated audiovisual techniques to express artistic individuality in the digital era. In general, his work questions the conceptual nature of music by examining the relationship between sound and visual elements of abstraction rendered in real-time over networks. Originally from Montréal, Québec, Canada, Ivan Zavada moved to Sydney in 2004 to establish himself as a composer and multimedia programmer.