Technology, expression & wellbeing

Presenters: Scott Brown, Leah Heiss, Gail Kenning, Hanna Wirman, Kristine Diekman, Semi Ryu

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Materialities and Networks

Gabriella Arrigoni, Linda Candy, Frances Joseph, Nina Wenhart, Mark Cypher, Brian Evans

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Assimilate This… Science Fiction and Media Art (panel)

This panel explores the fertile ground between science fiction and media art. It traces historical and theoretical connections and investigates the benefits of a synthesis of scholarship in media art and science fiction.

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Post-digital Aesthetics (panel)

The speakers of this panel will propose an inventory and taxonomy of contemporary post-digital practices – in visual culture, in publishing, in music. So far, post-digital aesthetics has been undertheorized despite its obvious impact on contemporary culture (such as, to give a popular example, the new focus on live performance instead of record releases in almost any kind of music). This panel will sketch the outline of a post-digital aesthetics that yet needs to be written.

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Beyond 3D, Immersive Visualisation and Applications in the Arts

Held at UNSW’s iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, this workshop will give participants experience of, and insight into, state-of-the-art immersive visualisation applications and technologies, including iCinema’s AVIE …

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